Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a slice of pie.

 finalllllllly updating about my apple pie from last week.
i'm super behind on posting all of the baking i've been doing
but please stay tuned. i have much to share with you all.

this apple pie was just devine.
the crust was buttery and flakey
the crumbs were slightly brown
the filling was barely pouring over the edge

absolutely my new favorite ♥

ooh, yum.

pie tips!
1. The crust is SO important. Yes, pre-made is easiest, but all you need is flour, shortening/butter, salt, & water! You can make a few and either freeze the dough or refrigerate for a few days until you need it. If you need to use pre-made crust, be creative and spice it up a bit. Decorate it with a pretty edging, egg wash, and cinnamon sugar. A little goes a long way.
2. What you put into your pie really counts. Substituting fresh apples for apple pie filling is silly. I know it's convenient & I've done it before, but I've been trying my best at baking completely scratch and I urge you to do the same (if you can!) If not, just like the crust, add your own ingredients to make it one of a kind. Add more spices, maybe some fresh fruit, raisins, nuts, something to make it special and different.
3. Bake seasonally. Fall is here! Bake with what's available to you. Apples, pumpkin, cranberries, figs, & pears.


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