Sunday, October 2, 2011

apple pie.

apple pie is so homey ♥
you really cannot get any more domestic than this.
the aroma while baking an apple pie is just beautiful.
the smell of spicy cinnamon & nutmeg, and fresh cut apples.
i just love it.

i used a basic recipe from a sweet little old lady from Iowa.
she was in the October edition of Taste of Home 'Picks of the Crop'
she uses over 500 pounds of apples during the fall and winter
to bake for friends & family from September-December...every year!

her recipe is standard.
pie dough made of flour, salt, & shortening.
filling made of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, & flour
crumb topping made of flour, butter, & sugar.

step 1. make the dough

 step 2. make the filling

 step 3. make the crumb topping

step 4. fill the pie and  top with crumb

pie is in the oven..
check back for a second post !


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