Saturday, February 26, 2011

button cakes.

the title explains it all.
i had to bake some cupcakes for a friend
and conveniently had an extra cupcake....
i had some fun with a photo-shoot!



all ready to go.

almost finished.

cooling down.

puffy cakes!

iced in yellow, topped with buttons !
get creative, do what you love.
and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

yellow button


good afternoon!
this morning, mike & i cleaned out an apartment for my boss.
not only did we get paid and receive free lunch,
but i was also allowed to take some treasures home!

cake plate with dome!

canisters! with apples!

i love these so much. i cant wait to add them to my kitchen.
sunny saturday :) enjoy.

yellow button

Friday, February 25, 2011

red velvet.

valentines day has past
but i realized i never posted anything
showcasing what i made for the special day.
of course, i made...........
red velvet cupcakes
topped with cream cheese icing
and red crumb.



yellow button

Thursday, February 24, 2011

chocolate chip cookies

i like trying out new recipes...
today, not so much.
this cookie recipe was somewhat tasty, but dry
and a bit hard.
i know how to mix a cookie dough properly
but, this recipe itself wasn't the right one i was looking for.
i wanted ooey-gooey goodness
i wanted a brown sugary bite.
[at least the pictures looked good!]

here's to trying new things!

always, yellow button.

more scones?!

all i do is bake scones.
scones and scones..
and sometimes scones.

but really, i enjoy knowing that all types of people
will walk into the coffee shop on main street this morning,
& see my scones sitting in a basket, ready to be eaten.

this morning; blue lemon scones.

happy day :)

yellow button

Lily Jean

monday evening, little Lily Jean was welcomed to this world.
congratulations, stephanie & jay. you've created a masterpiece.

such a little life. God bless her.

yellow button

Monday, February 21, 2011

yellow button cookies

i didn't mean to wait so long to post, but i've been dealing with a.LOT.
almost bought a business...what?
yeah, awkward. but i know that i didn't buy it because it's not...mine.
not my idea.
not my color scheme.
not my dream.
other opportunities will come around.
im sure of that.

while dealing with all of this stress, little green bird has been so encouraging.
sending valentine love my way [heart cookies!]
and original handmade yellow button stud earrings! AH!
& also just coaching me through whatever i'm facing.
thank you, missy. be on the lookout for a special package coming your way!

inspiration of the week
my 'yellow button bake shoppe' [one day] will feature these cookies.
they will be my signature item.
yellow button shortbreads
little shortbread sandwich cookies
infused with lemon zest
filled with raspberry jam
and topped with sugar

so proud of myself.
have a  great day!

yellow button

Monday, February 7, 2011

birthday cupcakes.

okay, a little late, i know..
my birthday was a month ago. but hey, why not talk about it now.
my mom made me her famous german chocolate cake!
usually she makes a traditional 9x13, but this year i said, "CUPCAKES!"
you may think im obsessed, but there is nothing more cute and personal than a cupcake.

so here it is, moms german chocolate cupcakes.

some with buttercream

the rest with gooey coconut goodness

yellow button