Monday, September 12, 2011

farm stand adventures, 2

hello, again!
farm stand adventures is back for round 2.
this time, Quaker Lane Farm Stand in Quakertown, NJ.
The cutest little back road farm stand ever.

I met the cutest old man there.
He has this little handmade farm stand set up on his property,
 as well as a huge garden filled with flowers & veggies.
He thought I was from the newspaper because I was taking pictures [haha]
But I do admit that he had a huge tomato farm with gorgeous tomatoes!
I bought tomatoes, onions, & corn.
Totally forgot that I bought the corn, and used it a whole week later for my corn bread muffins
and the corn was still beautiful, perfect, and crunchy.

I can't wait to visit that stand again & bring a baked good!



alysia Burry said...

Linds...I pass that sign every week day but never have the guts to go down the driveway to see whats there. Thanks for the pics maybe I'l stop now!

the yellow button baker said...

hah! i was terrified driving down the single lane dirt road..but once i saw the farm stand and the huge garden and the little old man, i was completely confident! he even sells xmas trees for 35 dollars!