Wednesday, September 7, 2011

bourbon peach cupcakes.

as always, smitten kitchen is perfect.
perfect little recipes for me to make & share with you.

labor day consisted of baking these cupcakes
& then sharing them, well at least trying to, with an entire picnic.
bad idea only bringing a dozen? yes.
good idea putting them inside during the party? no.

the usual labor day picnic with The Fudge Shoppe family
loaded with burgers and dogs,
salads, and sides
pulled pork drenched in beer
& the most perfect chili
....dessert to follow....

i went inside to grab the tupperware of peach cupcakes from the refrigerator
but they were already taken out.
there were 3 men staring at me with red faces.
guilty as charged.
5! not 4, not 3, not 2, not 1.
but 5 cupcakes were already gone!

i was happily pleased that the guests enjoyed them.
we spent the rest of the evening making jokes about the cupcakes
& about how badly they wanted me to buy more ingredients,
go inside, and just make them right there.

...taking my ordering forms from now on!


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