Monday, March 7, 2011


pumpkin bread in march? okay!
on a weekly basis, i bake for the local coffee shop in town.
and boy, do i love it...hmm..okay, sometimes i love it...
BUT i do love them for selling it. 
what more could i ask for.

usually i make 8-10 loaves a week, as well as my scones.
the flavors are usually the same, but pumpkin bread...still?!
i really don't mind, the pumpkin comes in a can
but i just didnt realize customers would still be buying pumpkin anything in spring.

enough pumpkin talk, lets see some pictures.

there it is.
pumpkin raisin walnut loaf..
in march.

3 tips for quickbreads
1. taste, taste, taste! dip a spoon into the batter and taste what you've created. just a little bit. i always do that especially with pumpkin bread because its supposed to be pumpkin-y, and spicy. when the bread bakes, the flavors burst even more so you want to make sure you haven't under-or-over done it.

2.  most quick bread recipes make a loaf that is small in height. since i bake them for a coffee shop, they want the slices to be legit. therefore, i double the recipe, and with the leftover batter, make a smaller loaf or some muffins for home :) it all works out. the business is happy and so is my husband.

3. you literally can alter any quick bread recipe to your liking. for pumpkin bread, add raisins, nuts, fruit, spices, or make it plain. if you're making a banana bread, add the same! nuts, fruit, spices, chocolate chips! anything you want, you can do. do not be afraid to mess up. its a good learning experience, & we all go through it.

happy baking.

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