Thursday, March 17, 2011

dark chocolate cupcakes.

whoops! i baked these cupcakes yesterday
but simply didn't have the time to post.
so here we go.
wednesday turned into "lets bake more carrot cupcakes cause they're so good
and dark chocolate cupcakes for another mommy-to-bee!"
after working at the bakery, i came home and baked for a few hours.
always a fun thing to do when the sun is shining!
alysia wanted chocolate cupcakes
and my fudge shoppe family wanted carrot cupcakes!
oh, and my husband is loving having a different sweet in the house

carrot cupcakes, round 2.
this time, smaller carrot pieces, and more raisins and walnuts.
mmm, i just love the green liner and orange sanding sugar!

chocolate cupcakes, extra dark!

im still searching for the perfect chocolate & vanilla cupcake recipe.
i always try out new recipes and make changes to them.
this recipe will be made again, adding cold coffee to the batter!

yellow butt(::)n

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