Sunday, March 13, 2011

baby cakes.

i love all things baby.
the faces, the noises. the gestures. the little body. the little heart. the smile.

no, i am not having a baby.
but my sister Jaime is!
[this is Jaime & I from my wedding day]

Emma Lynn is her name, and is due to arrive in may!
as future aunt & uncle, mike and i decided to make a special shower gift.

mike painted a tree on a canvas, and i decorated it!
it turned out beautiful.

once Emma is born, all of the family members
are going to leave their fingerprint on the branches
just like we did for our wedding guestbook!

Jaime's baby shower was Saturday, and I baked 85 red velvet cupcakes!
everyone loved them. luckily there were a few extras for Jaime to take home.

we are so blessed to experience our family growing
and we are eager to meet the little one in may!

yellow butt(::)n 

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