Thursday, November 3, 2011

a fall craft.

August, September, & October is the prime time for apples.
This weekend is the Apple Festival in Peddler's Village. I love going there.
Apples everywhere!
Dumplings, pies, apple butter, cider,
fritters, and caramel dipped apples!

here we are from last years festival.

a simple apple can inspire me to do something other then bake with it.
a simple fall craft for a dinner party or just everyday decoration.

what you'll need; an apple, lemon juice, a paring knife, and a tealight/votive candle.

cut out the center of the apple from the top, half way down
and cut the bottom of the apple so the apple sits flat.

brush the inside of the apple with lemon juice so prevent browning.
insert the candle.

light your candle and enjoy!


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