Monday, March 10, 2014


Lemon bars for basha!
This past week was one of my best friends birthdays
We celebrated all week long!
Last year she requested banana cupcakes and caramel cream cheese frosting
This year was a little different.
Typically friends and family ask me to bake cupcakes,
And I'm okay with that...
But I was just delighted to hear that she wanted lemon bars!
Something completely different, and I loved it

I loved being able to showcase my baking in another form
Cakes and cupcakes are great and all but there are so many other desserts out there!!

So here they are. From smitten kitchen (of course)

Oh my. They were delightful.
I want to try this recipe with key lime! Mmm and maybe some toasted coconut to the crust.

               Yellow butt(::)n

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