Monday, January 24, 2011

sour cream lemon cake

i confess, i didnt make the chocolate bacon cupcakes like planned.
i decided to bake a lemon cake instead because family was visiting from georgia
but, with all that said, the cake came out great!
so pretty, so moist, so yummy.
can't wait to bake it again, and make some minor adjustments!

3 baking tips!
1. Grease & butter the pan generously. This helps the cake slide out of the pan once cooled.
2. Be creative; add zest to the batter and to the glaze. This recipe seems like the flavor can be adjusted easily. I will use this recipe as a base for some other bundt cakes like an orange sour cream cake, cherry chocolate chip, and many more.
3. Follow recipes as they are written. Chefs write recipes for home-makers to use properly. Follow step by step directions, videos, or pictures.

happy baking, friends.
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